A Beautiful Classical Instrument


Visually, the harp is a beautiful instrument, and its music adds a magical and soothing atmosphere to a wedding day.

It is an instrument which blends perfectly into ornate and graceful surroundings of many a ceremony room, and if desired, can offer a special touch to wedding photographs.

Lowri has over 20 years’ experience of playing the harp at weddings and corporate events.

Following a discussion, Lowri can prepare an itinerary, which will include the musical choices, timings and quote for you to discuss together, allowing you confirm at a later date.

If desired, Lowri can meet with you a few weeks before the wedding day for you to hear a selection of pieces on the harp.  This works well especially if you have a particular few pieces in mind, or equally if you would be happy for Lowri to select the repertoire with you for your wedding day.